Frequently asked questions

Does the fresh breastmilk, used breaskmilk or the one that kept for very long time affect the final outcome of the Breastmilk Gem products?

No! it doesn't not effect the outcome of the final product. The "oldest" milk we have processed have been kept for 6 years !

How can I know what colour combinations that stand for me and my baby?

All the combinations contains one kind of birthstone, and one kind of birthcolour, and they are base on the birthmonth of you and your baby. if you and your baby are not having the same birthmonth, you will have two sets of colour combination, eg. your birthmonth is Jan, your birthstone is Garnet and birthcolour is Black; baby's birthmonth is Mar, her/his birthstone is Aquamarine, and birthcolour is light green. So, the first combination will be Garnet + Light Green, and the second combination is Aquamarine + Black For more information of the birthstone and birsthcolours, please contact us by email:

How to contact your company other than sending questions forms or email ?

Please kindly find us on our facebook page, or instagram!
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What are the difference between sterling silver with or without gold plating?

Sterling silver without gold plating is easy to get tarnished espeically when putting somewhere with high humindity, the shininess is also easy to fade, it needs to be wearing very often to keep it shine withour tarnishing.
Sterling silver with gold plating can give a apperence of gold, and prevent of tarnish even if you dont always wear it.