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  • Does the fresh breastmilk, used breaskmilk or the one that kept for very long time affect the final outcome of the Breastmilk Gem products?"
    No! it doesn't not effect the outcome of the final product. The "oldest" milk we have processed have been kept for 6 years !
  • How can I send my breastmilk to your workshop?
    For customers in Hong Kong: There are two methods for sending milk to us: Drop by at our workshop in Kwun Tong, by appointment only. Fee: Free of charge Lead time for us to receiving milk: 0 day 2. Our courier will directly pick up the milk from your home with insulated bag. Fee: HKD $100 Lead time for us to receiving milk: 1 day For customers in UK: Ship the packed breastmilk by mail, below are the steps: Keep 10-15ml of breastmilk in a milk bag, and make sure its securely zipped. Put your full name, phone number onto the milk bag with marker. Put the milk bag into another zip lock bag to prevent leakage. Put the zip lock bag into a bubbled envelop to ship. Fee: Customer will need to bear the cost of shipping. We recommend using flat mail Lead time for us to receive milk: approximately 7 days We will send you the our address via email once we have receive your order. We will contact you again to confirm when we have received your breastmilk.
  • How can I know what colour combinations that stand for me and my baby?
    Each combination includes at least one birthstone and one birth colour, determined by the birth months of the mother and baby. If the mother and baby have different birth months, you'll have at least two sets of colour combinations to choose from. For example, if the mother's birth month is January (Birthstone is Garnet - Birth colour is Dark Grey) and the baby's birth month is March (Birthstone is Aquamarine - Birth colour is Light Green), the combinations would be: Garnet (Jan birthstone) + Light Green (Mar birth colour) Aquamarine (Mar birthstone) + Dark Grey (Jan birth colour) Once we receive your order, we'll contact you via WhatsApp to send samples of the colour combos for you to choose from. For more information about birthstones and birth colours, please contact us via email at
  • How to contact us other than sending questions forms or email ?
    Please kindly find us on our facebook page, or instagram! Facebook page link as below: Instagram: @jewcells_jewellery (Hong Kong) (United Kingdom)
  • What are the difference between sterling silver with or without gold plating?
    Sterling silver without gold plating is easy to get tarnished espeically when putting somewhere with high humindity, the shininess is also easy to fade, it needs to be wore very often to keep it shine without tarnishing. Sterling silver with gold plating can give a apperence of gold, and prevent of tarnish even if you dont always wear it.
  • How long does it typically take for the products to be completed?
    We will send a confirmation to customers once we have received the breastmilk. It typically takes around two weeks for production, starting from the day we receive the customer's breastmilk.
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