Inspired by the minimalist art, a workshop that helps Mums to relax and create a piece of acrylic drawing with the photo of the family! 



Customer can choose any family photo (Max 3 people, better with bigger heads), our tutor will be teaching the basic drawing skills and colouring technique to create the one and only art work as a memento of this special chapter in your life.



- Acrylic 

- Sketching materials

- Drawing tools

- Canvas board 30 x 40cm



Duration: 3 hours

Date of class : Every Tue - Thursday between 11:30-17:00 is open for booking

The Chapter Drawing workshop

  • - For 2 or abrove participants (max. 4)

    - Leave time and date in remarks

      (Every Tue to Sat working hours: 11:30 -17:00)

    - Discount for group booking (please send us an email)