BreastmilkGems Cufflinks

Best Gift for Dad and son! 2 alphabets of Initials can be set onto the Breastmilkgems.


Create with the birthstone and birthcolours of yours , daddy's and your baby's with your breastmilk!


*For making BreastmilkGem, we will send you informations for the ways of passing your breastmilk to us once we have recieved your order!


Colour Combo

The colour combo are depends of the birthmonths of you and your beloved ones, the gem can contain minimum 2 months to maximum 4 months.


Please leave your birthmonths to us in the order, we will contact you with the colour combo within 4 working days via whatsapp .



925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium plated



US5.5 /US6.5

BreastmilkGems Cufflinks

Colour: Rhodium Plated