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-BreastmilkGems workshop-

Enrolling our workshop with 10% off for 1 seat

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Custom Crafted


If you are not able to join our workshop, you can also choose the styles you want on our website and use our custom crafted service with 10% off ! Use code "10JEWCELLSat check out !

How does custom crafted service work?

After we have receive your order from website, you will be in touch in Whatsapp to make arrangement for sending the breastmilk to us and we will provide 4 sets of birthstones and birthcolours colours samples which depends on the family's birthmonth for you to choose with for your BreastmilkGems. 

It takes around 4 -5 weeks for the final products to be done, and we will send them out with SF Express (no shipping fee is required) after confirming the final products with you in Whatsapp.